Monday, July 9, 2007

"Our 3 Sons"

Welcome to the Kane Gang...that's what we used to call us when the boys were all at home, and this summer, the boys are back....

Charlie, "Chuck" lives right here in our neighborhood, so we see his smile a lot, but Chris and Ben live so far away that our lives are kept up to date by blogs, e-mail and good ole phone calls until last week when Ben arrived here from Indonisia, and Chris arrived from Wisconsin to take an ESL class at Biola for a month.

Ben was in Indonisa for 3 weeks, a new graduate from New Tribes Missions he was exploring where he, Ruth, Chlole (2.5) and Gewn (1) will be moving to next Spring. Ben and Ruth have been called to share the Good News to a tribal group, this will be their mission in life for the next 15-20 years, we are so proud of them and their passion. Having Ben here with us for these last few days has been sooo fun, he is so full of life, ideas, and help. This attempt at a blog ,is spearheaded from Ben, he has such patience....where did he get that? Ben heads back to New Hampshire to his loving wife and daughters, on Tues. We'll sure miss him.

Chris arrived Saturday morning on 7-7-07, a wild trip from Racine Wisconsin and we four headed up to Big Bear. Chris has been volunteering after hours in teaching ESL, English as a Second Language, and this Biola course will give him the credential he desires to pursue this natural talent more. The course is 9-9 each day, so we won't see him during the week, but we plan to get filled up with Chris's charm and excellent cookin skills while he's here. Lookin forward to Italian "bread salad". Our dear daughter-in-law Melissa will join Chris later this month, Yeah!

Charlie is antisipating his class 3 driving test, and move into a new career, he is a natural at this "Big" job, and it will keep him still in the neighborhood where we can stay close and connected in his bachelor life he and his "bro" have had some great time together.

We are blessed with these three young men how they've grown and how fun, interesting, and helpful they are.

Summer 2007

What a summer we are having...
follow our steps here in Newport Beach ...